About Us

Dog Cross herbal supplements for animals are used to limit or replace the effects of synthetic, chemical, or artificial substances such as prednisone that is used for such problems as skin allergies and arthritic problems. The nutritional formulas assist pets in coping with the effects of the modern urban environment and the assimilation of vital nutrients from today's scientifically prepared foods. The company is dedicated to the welfare of all animals.

Dog Cross Natural Products Ltd. manufactures Chinese herbal formulations for dogs and other types of pets. These products are used by professional Acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese Medicine throughout Europe & North America. The formulas are 100% pure human grade and were altered from originals by Dr.Leung Kok Yeun to be completely herbal and suitable for our highly industrialized society.

Dr. Leung is a 15th generation Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was a Director of the Hong Kong Chinese Acupuncture Institute and also President of the Hong Kong Institute of Chinese Medicine for 15 years prior to immigrating to Canada in 1969. In 1970 he was invited to demonstrate the effectiveness of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (another form of Acupuncture) in US hospitals and in 1973 he was the first foreigner authorized to practice Acupuncture in the US. Dr. Leung was granted the title of Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the US in 1974.

In 1991, a local veterinarian began to use some of the products with her patients. Dr. Marlene Smith, DVM started to have tremendous success with dogs, cats and horses with allergies and arthritis inspiring the success of Dogcross today.

"Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life." - James Cromwell