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Surrey, BC

This is a letter of thanks from a Cairn Terrier who tried your Skin Comfort and it has made a big difference in her life. Amy is a 9 year old Cairn who has spent the last 8 1/2 years in agony. She had such severe allergies she spent most of her time completely bald with sores and red spots all over. She chewed her feet raw and rubbed her face bald day in and day out for years. Amy was allergy tested and found to be allergic to just about everything. We tried all sorts of things, including antihistamines, cortisone, shampoos and diets with not much success. She also went through a course of hyposensitization therapy with little improvement. Before she tried Dog Cross we had just about given up on finding help for her; she spent most of her time in a baby sleeper to keep her from chewing herself raw.

This past summer she started Skin Comfort. Within 2 weeks of taking the herbs the baby suit was off, all medication was stopped and Amy was happy and comfortable for the first time in her life. She has started to play with the other dogs and has more energy than she has ever had. I had to strip her coat for the first time in her life (she had always pulled her hair out before). Anyone who has a dog with an allergy problem, please try this product, you may just find you get a new dog. After many years of trying different products to help her, this is the only thing that worked so completely that I feel confident it will help other dogs as well. Thank you Dog Cross, you have given me a healthy dog.


New Westminster, BC

Just a note to let you know we think Dog Cross's product Skin Comfort is great! Our dog, a Sheltie, was allergic to fleas and had scratched a lot of his hair out. I admit I was skeptical, but after only a few days there was a noticeable improvement and in two weeks all the hair had come back! He looks great and I know he feels better too.


Fort Langley, BC

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Skin Comfort product. I have a West Highland cross poodle aged 11 who has had problems with allergies since I brought her from the U.K. 3 years ago. From time to time she has been on antibiotics which have cleared the condition but last Fall nothing seemed to be working and I did not want to put her on cortisone or related products. Whilst waiting in the vet's office one day I came across one of your advertisements and seeing the product in Waldo & Tubbs pet supplies in Fort Langley I started to use your Skin Comfort product. Within two weeks I could see a significant improvement in Mandy's skin and by the end of six weeks she was completely clear of all scaliness and itching. I have discontinued Skin Comfort but will watch closely to see if the skin condition reappears at which time I will place her on the maintenance dose as suggested. Again, many thanks from both Mandy and myself.


Ladysmith, BC

I am the owner of two (mother &s; daughter) very adorable Shih-Tzus. One is eight, the other five. Approximately five years ago the mother developed a form of sebhorreah. It not only affected her skin, but her eyes as well, to the point of near blindness. After many hundreds of dollars on veterinary bills, Leslie, the owner of K9 Clips in Ladysmith B.C. recommended your product Skin Comfort. After a short time, there was not only a marked difference in their skin, but they became more active and playful as well. I highly recommend your product Skin Comfort to anyone.


Langley, BC

I bought a Dalmatian because I wanted a dog that didn't shed hair all over our house. Well, that was a big mistake! I found out after we had the dog that they were very prone to skin problems. The Irish Setter I had before had ear problems. Oh what fun! To make the story short, I went to my veterinarian to see if he could help my Dalmatian's skin problem. All he could do was give her cortisone shots which did help; but, within a week she would loose her hair again. Duchess (my Dalmatian) had next to no hair left on her back. What was there was course and very sparse, you could see her skin. I heard about Dog Cross from my father. Within one week her hair had started to grow back in and within two weeks her hair was beautiful and soft like a puppy's. That was giving her one packet of Skin Comfort in her meal per day. What else can I say, it works, and if you try it on your dog you will see what I mean.


Ladysmith, BC

Our 13 year old field setter has spent the last 5 years, both winter and summer, in a very uncomfortable condition. Allergies and fleas etc. have caused Nikki no end of problems. We have had her to the vet for a variety of treatments; sprays, powders and medications including steroids. Although she did get some relief it always seemed to be short lived and would once again start her licking and chewing to the point where she had "groomed" herself raw.

Out of sheer desperation, we finally tried Skin Comfort and the results have been startling! Within 4 days we noticed the "hot spots" were healing nicely and her coat was starting to feel silky and soft. An added bonus was that there was a marked reduction in her watery eyes which had caused unsightly orange marks on her face.

Nikki has been on Skin Comfort for approximately 5 weeks and it's hard to believe this is the same dog! She is currently on the maintenance program and is acting and obviously feeling much better. We just wanted to thank you for introducing us to this fantastic product. You can be assured that we will be highly recommending Skin Comfort to any dog owner who experiences the problems we had with our pet.


Falkland, BC

Being a firm believer in natural herbal medications from my own personal experience, I was thrilled when I saw your ad in Dogs in Canada. Having contacted you and received the samples, I tried it on my Sheltie, which I knew had allergies. Her allergies affected her eyes, they were runny, sore and all the hair had come off all around her eyes. Having her on Skin Comfort, within three days the running had stopped; within another three or four days, her eyes drained like the clearing of a serious infection. In a week after this clearing up, her eyes began to heal. I had bred her and she gave me four beautiful puppies, and was a happy content wonderful mother. I believe that getting rid of the itching and soreness made my spinny little Sheltie a happy dog. I would highly recommend Dog Cross Products to all breeders. My thanks to Dog Cross and keep up the good research on natural medications. We breeders need you!


Richmond, BC

Your product Skin Comfort for dogs was recommended to me by Barb at Bosley's Pet Food Mart on Dunbar St. in Vancouver, B.C. This letter is to express my gratefulness and tell you this product is excellent. My 8 year old Golden Lab is eternally thankful. You have helped him with his very, very itchy condition. As long as I put Skin Comfort on his food he is fine. After a few weeks of not having any his itching is back. Thank you for your concern for animals.

Mary Ann

Vancouver, BC

I had to drop you a line to let you know that, yes, again we have had excellent results with your product. I'll tell you that Dog Cross products for us are the best alternative to anything we have tried yet to help our dogs problem with their skin allergies. We had no idea that they had such allergies when we moved them here to Vancouver from Honolulu, Hawaii two years ago. Our vet tried many conventional routes to help, but I must tell you that with the allergy formula Skin Comfort from your company it was truly the first sign of real help. You can imagine what a relief it was for us, our vet, and of course Madison & Maxwell our beautiful Golden Retrievers. I recommend your product to everyone especially when I see the skin problems dogs have here in Vancouver from allergies.

Thank you so very much, our family is so grateful that someone finally found a solution for a big problem. Dog Cross we love you, thanks for your support.

NOTE: Mary Ann recently called us at Dog Cross to tell us about her recent experience with the Allergy product. It seems that when she goes to the Veterinarian for the dogs annual shots, he has to use an antihistamine in the shots to help control a skin and itchy reaction to the shots. Unfortunately, the vet forgot to include the antihistamine when he gave the shots. Sure enough, there was a terrible reaction after about two hours. Mary Ann consulted with the vet who told her to use a common human product from the drug store. She instead decided to try the Skin Comfort product to see if it could help. She fed the dogs the product with their evening meal and by the next day the skin reaction had disappeared.


Abbotsford, BC

Thanks to Dog Cross my 10 year old male Bouvier is acting like he is in his second childhood. He had started stiffening up with age and was scratching a lot, but after only a few days on the Skin Comfort product he was back running around after the females again just like he was an overgrown puppy.


Port Orchard, WA, USA

Cloe the Bouvier, Christopher the Cocker, and I would like to thank Dog Cross for the great allergy product. It really works for us. Keep up the good work!


De Winton, AB

I am totally impressed with your wonderful herbal product. I have a Westie with Armadillo Westie Syndrome (sometimes refereed to as elephant skin). After 4 weeks of Skin Comfort the black, thick and smelly skin is lessening and hair is growing back on the now normal areas. The dog is off all medications, is not hot to touch and is not scratching. Thank you!


Maple Ridge, BC

I have used your allergy herbal food product Skin Comfort to treat my dog's skin and fur condition. I am pleased to let you know her skin and fur condition is greatly improved.


Yarmouth Co., NS

Sorry about the lateness in writing, but I wanted you to know how you product has helped my dogs. My house Lhasa has had an itching problem for years that I could never control with drugs. After 2 courses of Skin Comfort the itching is almost nil.

My 9 year old Lab whelped a litter of 5 very healthy puppies after being on the Lactation product.

My chocolate Lab whelped a litter of 4 puppies 1 1/2 years ago and we saved only 1 puppy. We later learned she was lacking zinc. We added zinc to her food, put her on Skin Comfort for her skin condition and she returned to normal. She was bred and put on Lactation for 60 days and she whelped a litter of 15 puppies. We have 14 live puppies at 4 weeks. Mother and puppies doing fine. I wouldn't whelp a litter of puppies without using your Lactation product.


Delta, BC

I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful my husband and I think your product is. We have a miniature Schnauzer ("Riley") and when she was six months old she developed bumps on her back that were extremely itchy. The vet said they were an acne-like reaction, probably due to clogged hair follicles, which is common in Schnauzers, or an allergy to food. We changed Riley's food to a lamb and rice mixture, but the problem did not get any better. We were bathing Riley every other day with two prescription shampoos, but this only helped slightly. On two occasions Riley's bumps were causing her so much discomfort that we had to take her to the vet to get cortisone shots and penicillin, which provided only temporary relief. Riley also had a similar reaction to insect bites.

In December, 1992 I bought your product Skin Comfort at Perky's Pet Palace in Ladner. Within three days of using Skin Comfort Riley's bumps were nearly all gone and within one week there was no sign of a problem.

We have been feeding small amounts of Skin Comfort to Riley since that December and she has not had a reoccurrence of the problem. We changed from the powder to the biscuit form of Skin Comfort and find that this is much easier to feed Riley since she thinks they are a treat.

We would like to thank you for your excellent product; you have made our lives, and Riley's, a lot more enjoyable. I have also made our vet aware of your products so that he can pass on this information to other clients.

Thank you


Aldergrove, BC

Both of my pets at home (a nine year old Blue Healer and a three year old Manx cross cat) were suffering from flea dermatitis with scabbing on the back and legs. My wife administered Skin Comfort and later gave them the biscuit form. We observed changes to the condition from the fourth day on through the fifteenth day until the condition ceased.

Llie Brotherton

Burnaby, BC

(Certified Master Groomer: Canine Stripper & The Dog Cart Pet Boutique)

I prefer to carry and recommend products which I use either in my grooming business or on my own pets. For that reason, I first gave Skin Comfort by Dog Cross to my own dogs to try it out. Much to my delight, I not only noticed a significant reduction in itchiness but also a marked improvement in the older dogs chronic foot problem and eye irritation. Thank you Dog Cross!


Inverness, CA, USA

I felt it necessary to write the Dog Cross company about your product Skin Comfort. My small dog Trina, a silky breed of Terrier, has had a skin condition since my husband brought her home from a pet shop in San Jose. None of the shampoos or countless visits to veterinarians and various cortisone treatments alleviated the smelly, yellowish dandruff-like scale. The itching and scratching continued day and night.

Trina is now seven years old. Only one week ago I started mixing 1/4 of a foil packet of your Chinese herbal product with her food, twice a day for five days. The odor has dissipated! The dandruff-like scale has gone and Trina seems as playful & energetic as a puppy. I feel your Dog Cross product is almost miraculous and our household can't thank you enough; it's wonderful. We will continue small doses, as your brochure recommends, and have every confidence in the use of Skin Comfort and the benefits as they truly happened in our household.


Pitt Meadows, BC

Having Dalmations for many years, I'm very familiar with skin problems. Up until recently all were relatively easy to cure. My little female was trying my patience to the limit. Not only did she have allergies, sensitive skin etc., at the age of 2 1/2 she had only had one heat cycle and not a good one at that. Repeated trips to the vet proved fruitless. Neither one of us wanted to resort to shots or any harsh treatments as I wanted to breed this female.

My boss at work (Pitts Pet Parlour) decided to carry the Dog Cross products on a trial basis. Not wanting to recommend a product to our grooming clients that we haven't used on our own dogs, I decided to try Skin Comfort. "What the heck," I said to myself, "I haven't anything to lose anyway." To be honest I was ready to replace this female and start over. After 1 week I must admit I did notice a difference; not much, but enough to peak my interest. I moved her to the 30 day program and stuck with it faithfully. Well, it worked. I haven't had any sign of allergies, or any other problem. The best news is I now have 9 beautiful puppies to keep me hopping. I now recommend these products to many of my clients, most have had good results. Thank you Dog Cross.

(Lesley had asked us if we could help with the breeding situation as well as the allergy problem. Our recommendation at the time was to deal with the allergy situation and wait to see if in fact the dog would respond with a normal heat cycle as well. The use of these formulations has demonstrated the ability to optimize breeding capabilities.)


Maple Ridge, BC

Last year I bought your Skin Comfort product for our miniature pincher. He has a thyroid problem which tends to make him scratch and chew himself. After using the product for about three days it was amazing. He stopped scratching and the hair grew back in. I have gone back to using the product again this year. Thank you for your products. If there is an alternative to drugs I'll try it; your products seem to work.


Sooke, BC

Dayna, my one year old, seven pound Silky Terrier sends thanks to Dog Cross. No more runny eyes & ear lesions; a super product.

(Ilona was introduced to Skin Comfort by the breeder of Dayna.)


ON, Canada

The treatment using Skin Comfort certainly seems to work for a Newfoundland male who lost all his hair on 2/3's of his body. Hair is growing in nicely now after only 4 weeks of treatment.


Amarillo, Texas. USA

I would like to just let you know how your product made a difference for my dogs.

My husband and I breed and raise whippets. We have never had a whippet with an allergy problem until we got Dakota. Dakota started showing signs of allergies about 1 year ago. We tried everything we could think of, from Benadryl to all kinds of homeopathic products. Nothing worked. We cleaned his ears, his eyes, we changed his food, he got cortisone shots, all to no avail. Finally at my wits end I told my vet that we HAD to do something!!! He gave me your Skin Relief, Skin Comfort Powder to put him on. After a few weeks on the product, I could already tell a difference. He is now on his second cannister of your product and doing better than I ever thought he would. No more scratching his eyes until the corners bleed, no more scratching his ears either. It is also so evident that he feels better. The icing on the cake was at a dog show this past weekend were all of our friends commented on how he looked and acted like he felt better and looked great! He then went on to win on Saturday and he finished his championship!!! I believe in your product so much that I have put my 14 Australian shepherd on it for her elderly skin problems!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Billups
Cloud Nine Whippets & Ch. Festiva's Moving Violation "Dakota"


Atlantic Beach, Florida

......skin relief, & my terrier-mix dog depends on it! We've had such great results with your product, when nothing else (including everything the vet had to offer) worked at all.

Thank you again!

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Ratings & Reviews on our Joint Formula


Edmonton, AB

My Chesepeak Retriever is 8 years old and like a lot of dogs is overweight and arthritic. I wanted to help my dog get down to a more normal weight and help it with its arthritic problem. When I found out about the herbal products that Dog Cross was selling I decided to try them. The product called Nuri-Plus Ginseng was the first one I tried to see if it would help. The dog accepted it very well in the food even though I used more than the recommended amount to start. The first couple of days the dogs stools were loose and for a couple of days seemed greasy but although darker they are now very normal.

After a couple of weeks my dog seems healthier and more lively and I noticed even her eyes that were cloudy are clear and bright. The dog now eats only what it wants and does not eat all of its food even though I still give the same measured amount as before. Now I am also using Moving Comfort T29 for the arthritis problem. The dog recently had a very busy day that would normally have left her lame and unwilling to move, but after a lot of exercise the dog was very tired but there was no sign of the pain that she would normally be suffering with. These products have been a great help for my dog, thank you.


Baden, ON

I am writing to tell you how well my Labrador Retriever "Taffy" has done on Moving Comfort T29. When I started her on T29 Jan 9/94 she was in severe pain with constant whining, short gait and signs of drop foot due to degenerative nerves, discs and spinal arthritis. I started her with two packets per day. By Jan. 13th (only four days) the whining had almost stopped: no pacing and the large areas of inflammation on her hips were down slightly. By Jan. 17th (eight days) her appetite was improving, her movement was improving and I started to believe that this wonderful product was going to help. As each day passed till mid March we gave her two packets a day. During this time she improved daily. She walked daily and was anxious to go. The inflammation was gone and her gait 80% improved. At this point we dropped to one packet a day. In May we tried one packet every other day, but found she needs one a day to maintain. At the time of this letter (July) she still gets one packet a day. Taffy is again a bright happy 11 year old dog who of course still has degenerative nerves, discs and spinal arthritis but is no longer in constant pain because of it. Thank you again Dog Cross from the bottom of my heart.


Parksville, BC

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My 11 year old Malamute cross, Smokey, has bridging of the spine, arthritis, allergies, etc. He was nearly paralyzed, it was all he could do to stand and go out to the bathroom. My vet suggested putting him down. A friend gave me a newspaper clipping re: Dog Cross. I asked my vet and he said I had nothing to lose. Well, Smokey has had Dog Cross Moving Comfort T29 for 2 weeks. During the first few days I was noticing a difference but as I didn't want to get my hopes up I kept thinking "He's just having a good day." At the end of the first week he was walking briskly and on one walk I was completely amazed; Smokey was sniffing a tree and as I walked on I heard a noise behind me and I turned, couldn't believe my eyes, Smokey was running! In total comfort, just having fun, running again. He is doing great, moving freely and enjoying life again! And his skin is improving from his allergies.

Smokey went to the vet on Monday for his yearly check-up and shots. My vet couldn't believe the difference. He asked us to go outside twice just to run around and play because he couldn't believe it. I wish I had taken a camera to catch the expression on his face! A few comments: "amazing," "remarkable," "fascinating," etc. He has since been in touch to order products for some of his patients. Smokey was his "test patient" to see if there was really something to it. Well Dog Cross passes all tests with flying colours! Smokey and I play football every night; he hasn't been up to playing football for at least 5 years.

Note: Kathy called us at Dog Cross right from the start to ask for the best way to help in such an extreme situation. We were pleased to suggest a routine that obviously was very helpful.


Maple Ridge, BC

I have been using your product Moving Comfort T29 on my female Chow Annie who was a rescue dog that had been physically abused by her previous owners. I took her to the veterinarian in Maple Ridge and he said her back leg looked like someone had tried to pull it out by the socket and there was ligament and tendon damage. She was limping badly and at times her back leg would give out. Ruth at the Buckerfields store in Maple Ridge sold me some of your product and I gave it to her twice a day for approximately 6 weeks. At that time I took her back to the veterinarian and he was amazed when he checked her back legs and found that she had healed and there was no visible signs that she had ever been injured. Also, she became pregnant and has since had 6 puppies. There still is no sign of a reoccurrence of the limping. I highly recommend your product and am very pleased with the results it has achieved.


Vancouver, BC

I want to say how happy we are with your product Arthritis - Bone T29. Our dog is 9 1/2 and has arthritis very badley in his back legs (hips). I started out with the milder form T24 and that left room for improvement. The T29 has now done a great job. I give it to him only three times a week now and that seems to be enough.


Vancouver, BC

We have had our Newfie Rupert Bear on Arthritis Bone T29 for four months and his improvement is fantastic. He has bone spurs on his spine. He now wags his tail, is far more energetic and has lots of pep. We are big supporters of this product. Thank you.


North Vancouver, BC

T29 Prolongs a guide dogs working life. Babs, my eight-year old Golden Retriever, has been taking one packet of Moving ComfortT29 since February 1994. She injured her right hind leg as a puppy, and after a month of rest and her leg in a splint, she appeared to be fine.

When she reached about age five, physical activity such as running or damp rainy weather, caused her to be stiff in the hind quarters. Come evening, she had difficulty getting to her feet. I was quite concerned that her injury was beginning to have an effect on her work. Babs being a guide dog needs to be in top form and able to concentrate when guiding. Thoughts of early retirement often crossed my mind.

In December 1994 - ten months after being on Moving Comfort T29 - the vet commented that the Dog Cross medication appeared to have improved Babs' physical condition.

Thanks to Moving Comfort T29, Babs is now able to romp and run as she once did, and is always eager to work.


Nelson, BC

I own a 5 year old German shepherd dog that had bad skin problems and we were facing euthanasia for this dog due to it's very bad arthritis and hip dysphasia. We started the dog on Skin Comfort first to clear up the skin problem which it did very quickly. For the last two years the T29 arthritis product has given this dog a quality of life that is almost normal and we did not have to put the dog down. Thank you Dog Cross.


Shelton, WA

Our 10 year old terrier experienced good to very good results with the Moving Comfort T29 product for it's arthritis.


Portola Valley, CA

On August 12, 1995 I sent you a Fax in which I ordered your Nutri-Plus Ginseng and Moving Comfort products. I ended my order with the following sentence: - "If the testimonials are even 1/2 true, my dog and I will be most grateful." We began using Moving Comfort T24 right immediately. Well, Nugget and I are indeed most grateful. She acts more like a puppy than a mature, arthritic 8 year old. She frolics and plays and chases rabbits and goes on long walks. She no longer struggles to her feet in the morning, or hesitates to go down stairs, or limps, or whines in discomfort. And the best of all, she is again a happy dog with an alert expression and sparkling eyes. I can only guess how much pain she must have been enduring.


Vancouver, BC

I have a yellow lab with hip dysplasia. We were told it would cost around 4000 dollars to have an operation that could not guarantee results. We decided to try the Moving Comfort T29 Dog Cross product to see if it would help. After two months of steady use we are now using it as a maintenance. The dog is 100% better and very happy and so are we.


Billerica, MA

I don't think I could survive without Dog Cross products. My PBGV has Fall allergies and the Skin Comfort works wonders on him. Haven't had to take him to the vet for steroids in years. My 12 year old Old English has arthritis from an injury to his hock joint. The T29 Joint Formula is keeping him going. Thank you for providing such comfort to my animals


Hong Kong

I just made an order for Dog Cross' various products. Just wanted to let you know that your products have been very helpful in keeping my collies happy and healthy. My 12-year-old collie has had a hip bone problem since birth and was forced to go through operation when he was about 4. It helped him to walk again but of course it still hurt during seasonal changes and after long walks. Since he started using Dog Cross, he has been much more active. So have my other dogs that are also on the Nutri-plus products.

Thank all of you for wonderful health products for our 4-legged friends.



I have been running a mobile dog grooming business for eight years. In 1999, I had the good fortune to discover Dog Cross Natural Products. My clients and I have been thrilled with how these Chinese herbal alternatives have improved the lives of our furry companions. If you ever need more testimonials; I've got people ready and willing to contribute. Clients with seemingly no options left and at their wits end were prepared to have their dog put to sleep, however after they used your fabulous herbal alternatives, they were able to spend what seemed like a miraculous couple of extra; not weeks or months, but years with their beloved companion. I have been thrilled to, 'spread the word', and as a result help improve the quality of these dogs'lives. Not to mention the owners'lives too.

A Grooming Shop Owner Endorsement

I remember the day when a Sales Rep from Dog Cross walked into my Grooming Salon and Pet Supply Store. The store is on a high profile street in downtown Ladysmith and seems to attract sales representatives with all types of product.
Dogs have been my life for 20 plus years, having bought my first Irish Setter in 1968. My mentor in those days was an older lady who had been in dogs for quite some time. Her ideas were different even then and nowadays considered obsolete; however, I use some of her tricks even now with my dogs and my client's dogs. One thing she always stressed was that if you feed a good quality dog food, you wouldn't need to supplement with vitamins, etc., and if you did, you were upsetting the balance. So here we were going down to the US to buy our premium feed because there was none available in B.C. at the time. However, there were always those dogs that had "something" go wrong and I'd spend hundreds of dollars on vet bills just trying to cure the problem. Sometimes we would, often not...

So, when the rep came into my store and introduced me to this new product, I must say I was skeptical. For years I have said no to supplementation and all of a sudden I was being asked to change my views. My partner in California (being an "old" show/breeder person) has always looked for natural solutions to common problems. Our latest beauty, Am.Cdn.Ch. Guys 'N Dolls Ruby Keeler had been on a very successful show season and had come home with some fleas and I had to add here that fleas are an uncommon element in our home environment as we keep rigid control. Ruby proceeded to scratch herself raw, even though I had done flea treatments. Gradually her long dripping coat disappeared and I after becoming more and more frustrated, gave her a farm cut with a #10 blade. He explained the use of Skin Comfort and I said that if it worked on Ruby I would be impressed. I was given enough of the product to use on Ruby and also some of the Moving Comfort to try on a lame young dog. Within four days I was ordering sufficient quantities to sell in my store. So impressed was I with the products that I wrote about it in a column I do for an area Flyer magazine. I felt it was necessary to inform the public that there was an alternative available to veterinary care that was going nowhere.

Well they came in droves to my store. Each customer was asked about the flea situation and the food being fed and each customer left with a package of Skin Comfort and samples of premium dog food. They always came back for the 30 day supplies of Skin Comfort because they were seeing a difference. Some of these people were already feeding a premium line of dog food. Veterinarians in a city 20 minutes away were sending dogs owners for this product to give it a try. Sometimes when you reach the end of the rope there is another road to try.

Neighbors saw neighbor's dogs and were told about the product and they would come to try it out. My repeat business of the product is unbelievable. Word of mouth is also a big help.

I recommend this product highly to anyone, not only because I have used it and have seen a difference with my own eyes, but, also because I have seen the differences in my client's dogs and I am now fully convinced that when a person reaches the end of their rope with conventional medical cures for common ailments, or they want to try something different, that Skin Comfort and Moving Comfort are the only solution. I have seen many cases of crippled dogs being able to walk without difficulty and bare, hot, weeping, skinned dogs having hair grow again.

Maybe this product is not a cure-all and perhaps in some cases only temporary, but, it is the quality of life we are able to give man's best friend because of these products that should override all other reasons.

Leslie Anne Davey K9 Clips Grooming Salon and Pet Supplies, Ladysmith, B.C